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Tax Controversy

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The tax lawyers at Fitzwater Meyer, LLP, are ready and able to assist individual and business clients with various tax controversy issues involving the IRS, Oregon Department of Revenue, and other taxing authorities. We handle cases involving income tax, estate and inheritance taxes, employment taxes, property taxes, innocent spouse defenses, and collection matters.


Our attorneys work closely with the client and the accountant or other tax professional to present legal support and assist with factual presentations at the audit level. For particularly sensitive or complicated matters, we can also take the lead in an audit. In addition, we routinely handle cases at the IRS appeals level and have achieved favorable rulings, settlements and outcomes for our clients involving legal, factual, and collection issues.


If we are not able to achieve a satisfactory result through the audit and appeal process, we stand ready and able to pursue our client=s interests in court. We have experience litigating tax cases in the U.S. Tax Court, Oregon Tax Court, and U.S. District Court. We have a number of lawyers licensed in the U.S. Tax Court and a breadth of litigation experience in the office.


When necessary, we are available to assist our clients resolve their outstanding tax obligations and resist IRS collection efforts. We can guide our clients through the process of an installment agreement, where the obligations are paid over time, or an offer in compromise, where the obligations are settled for a lesser amount. We also pursue collection due process requests and appeals to allow our clients to address their tax obligations in an orderly manner.

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